Our 4th Annual Mr & Miss River City Pride Pageant will be Sunday, September 2020

Our esteemed panel of judges

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Contest Rules & Regulations

  1. Contestants must have reached the age of 18 by the date of the pageant and be a resident of the State of Florida. Proof of age and residency are required.
  2. Contestants for Mr. may be a male or female (Drag King) and Miss. may be female or male (Drag Queen)
  3. All contestants are REQUIRED to register with the Pageant Coordinator at Hamburger Mary’s Sunday, September 2020 at 2:00 pm unless you have preregistered. At this time the completed registration forms, information sheets, music for presentation and talent (2 separate CD’s), and entry fee MUST be given to the Pageant Coordinator. If a contestant is late (after 2:30 pm) for registration, he/she will have to be the first contestant in their category and will have a cumulative point deduction (25 pts.). Those that have preregistered need to turn in music for presentation and talent when you arrive All contestants must be onsite by 6:00 pm or before and the pageant will begin promptly at 7:00 pm. There will be NO exceptions in this matter.
  4. Categories and Points Values are:

Presentation: Show your LGBT Pride 70 Points

The maximum time for this category is three (5) minutes. The contestant will be required to state his/her name and where they are from. At the discretion of the entertainer, the remainder of the time can be used in any manner they so choose. Remember, this is each contestant’s first opportunity to make an impression on our judges and the audience, so choose something that best represents you and shows your pride! Props, Dancers, etc are permitted. Contestants are responsible for their own music for presentation.  Contestants MAY lip sync during presentation.
Stage Presence/Self Confidence (20)
Ability to Communicate (20)
General Appearance and Creativity (20)
Audience Response (10)

Evening Wear: 30 points

This category has been chosen to show the creativity and individuality of the entertainer. Contestants are asked to wear evening gown or suit/tuxedo based upon their respective title. We would like to stress that originality, creativity and fashion are major factors in this category.
General Appearance (15)
Presentation, Poise, Hair & Makeup (15)

Question and Answer: 50 points

After the contestant models his/her evening wear, each pick be asked a random question to be answered onstage.
Presentation & Self Confidence (20)
Answer Content, Ability to Communicate (30)

Talent: 100 Points

The maximum time for this category is seven (7) minutes. Safety of the audience and stage area should always be taken into consideration for this category. The contestant should supply all music.
Costume, Hair and Appearance (25)
Entertainment Value (60)
Audience Response (15)

    1. Any type of talent presentation is acceptable with the exception of the use of any water, fire, or any other type of talent that may cause harm or injury to the contestant, the judges, the audience or any other contestant in the pageant. This rule also includes the throwing of confetti, etc. If you have any questions, please ask the Pageant Coordinator.
    2. Talent is limited to seven (7) minutes. The CD for talent should be on a separate CD than presentation music.
    3. The judges will score each contestant with a maximum point value of 250 points per judge. Scoring will be on a total point accumulation system. The judges’ decisions are final. In the event of a tie, the contestants involved in the tie will be asked one tiebreaker question on stage.
    4. Props and Backup dancers are allowed and encouraged. However, please note there is minimal prop storage space available. Should you have any questions, please call host venue and make arrangements. Prop setup time of three (3) minutes will be allowed upon request. Only one (1) dresser/helper will be allowed to assist each contestant. Each contestant and his/her one (1) helper will be admitted free of charge. All backup dancers, friends, fans, etc. will be required to pay admission at the door.
    5. The use of any illegal drugs is prohibited during the contest. Any contestant caught using or under the influence of drugs will be disqualified and removed from the building.
    6. Any contestant caught in the act of stealing will be disqualified and removed from the building
    7. Contestants should be ready for all categories in a timely manner. All contestants should conduct themselves in a professional manner prior to, during, and after the contest.
    8. Prizes are $500.00 for each title. An exclusive crown and/or medallion to River City Pride. The prize money of $500.00 will be paid as follows:
      1. $200.00 upon winning the title
      2. $150.00 upon completion of all duties for required by River City Pride. as a current title holder (No. 15 1 & 2).
      3. $150.00 2020 Pride Pageant (must perform opening production, one solo and one duet with opposite title holder) (No. 15 3)
      4. 1st Runner ups will receive entry fee back.
    9. If crowned as a River City Pride Representative, you are agreeing to preform or participate in the following:
      1. 2019 Pride Parade on October 5th, 2019
      2. 2019 Pride Festival on October 6th, 2019
      3. Minimum of 3 other events throughout the year (at your choosing) to help promote River City Pride.
    10. As the title holder you are responsible for hosting a benefit show to go towards River City Pride Festival 2020. You are also committed to the mission statement of River City Pride and you are ready to advocate, celebrate, educate and support the LGBT community of Jacksonville. You must uphold yourself as a representative of River City Pride, as your actions, words and behavior are on display at all times. This includes Social media in all forms. Remember what you put on Facebook, Instagram etc. during your reign, reflects you, The Mr and Miss River City Pride Pageant and River City Pride.
    11. At any time you are not able to fulfill the duties and responsibilities as the title holder, the prize package will then be awarded to the 1st runner up. The winners of our pageant will have a wonderful year of appearances, performance and service. As a representative of River City Pride, the crown means more attention from the community, which translates into a chance to build a platform that can make a big difference.

Good Luck to Everyone from the River City Pride. Board of Directors

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